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Twitter’s Mousetrap: You Can Set Your DOB to any date, but there is a caveat: You Are Asked To “Prove You Are OLDER THAN 13 By Submitting Government ID”

Mousetrap? A Twitter user is lured into a situation when his options are: say “goodbye” to a media account that’s been nurtured for months… or bend your knee and submit to Twitter’s well-designed Orwellian intrusion into YOUR vault of privacy and comfort zone, where you keep naively believing in having a right to keep your personal details and sensitive information to yourself. Well done, Twitter. Next time a user changes his profile picture, you will lock the account and politely request credit card details? How can a user quantify the loss of reputation, minute by minute, due to a lie: the account is “citizen erased”, apart from “locked”. What if it is a business account? What if, beside reputation, audience, engagement and revenue is lost just because… just for fun, a user utilised an available function… which is there for a purpose?..

Twitter TOS warning about not meeting the age requirement for the ads.
Twitter asking identification of a valid government-issued ID to confirm the identity.
Twitter, whatever is writ in stone can never be “deleted“. Stop lying.