News multi cryptocurrency wallet has not been hacked and your earnings are safe.

You have to confirm the withdrawal in an email sends you within 60 minutes after initiating the transaction. Otherwise, the transaction will not go through. ...if you are using the same password for both Coinpot and your email address... Oh, well.


Faucetgate (or Coingate?) – the hacking scandal.

We do recommend you to use individual passwords for faucets and, ideally, create a separate (secondary) e-mail address for those purposes. 2FA is not a bad idea at all either. Also, please do refer to our Helpful Tips section: pop-ups and ads can be the main source of harm to your PCs and they can be killed with fire.


Friendz ICO update – international App launch

Friendz app allows you to be rewarded for something that you already have been doing: publishing contents on your social network profiles! For every campaign that you take part in, you get a reward that you can use to get vouchers and coupons from online ecommerces."


Some charts (based on QoinPro free daily coins)

As we previously wrote, QoinPro is a multicurrency wallet which rewards its users by crediting their wallets with small portions of cryptocurrencies. Read more about QoinPro and how to use it to your advantage Register at QoinPro Based on the QoinPro earnings only, we have created a  portfolio on Cryptocompare. Here's what it currently looks… Continue reading Some charts (based on QoinPro free daily coins)

Important freezes BTC, LTC and BCH withdrawals to Coinbase

Please note the news: We are not sure why Coinpot froze withdrawals of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to Coinbase. It is very possible that it has to do with the increased volume of transactions following their unprecedented decrease in minimum payout thresholds and removal of transaction fees. On another note, yesterday, a successful withdrawal… Continue reading freezes BTC, LTC and BCH withdrawals to Coinbase


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