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Monero Hard Fork Postponed

monero hard fork xmr xmv

Remember our article on Monero’s hard fork?

Great news: Monero have postponed the fork that was initially going to take place on the 16th of March (tomorrow for some, today for others) by SIX weeks, allowing those who have trust in the coin’s value to accumulate a more significant amount in hopes to profit off XMV appearing in the XMR wallet (remember Bitcoin Cash appearing in your Bitcoin waller?.. It did not?.. Maybe, because you are not using a real wallet?). Naturally, the news had an immediate impact on the price of Monero… Which bought some time (no pun intended) for those intending to add XMR to their investment or trading portfolio.

monero price xmr price chart cost of monero monero market cap

Source: Coinmarketcap.


Monero on Cryptocompare:

News multi cryptocurrency wallet has not been hacked and your earnings are safe.

In the worst case scenario, there has been a breach or a leak. As we remember, even if a villain gains access to your account and decides to withdraw your funds,

a) You have to confirm the withdrawal in an email sends you within 60 minutes after initiating the transaction. Otherwise, the transaction will not go through. …if you are using the same password for both Coinpot and your email address… Oh, well.

Coinpot security measures

b) In the log of your Coinpot account you can see unsuccessful login attempts, if there are any.

c) For a few hours after you initiate a withdrawal, the request remains “pending” and has to presumably, be approved manually by Which gives you some extra time to react.

From Coinpot:

“CoinPot has NOT been hacked – your data/earnings are safe!
Posted: 2018-03-08 08:00 UTC
We have been made aware that there are some posts on forums etc suggesting that CoinPot has been hacked. We have fully investigated this and can confirm that there has been no breach of our systems. All of your private and sensitive information (i.e. passwords) are securely hashed before being safely stored in our databases so it is impossible for us or anyone else to read these, even if we were ever hacked in the future. We follow all industry best-practices to ensure the highest level of security.

The main part of the problem is that many users continue to use the same sign-in credentials (i.e. email/password) on multiple sites. Therefore when one of these other sites is hacked or leaks password data this can then also be used to sign in to CoinPot. This is what we believe has happened in this case. All accounts that we know to be affected by this have now been locked to prevent unathorised access – users will need to reset their password in this case”.

What actually happened: some login details were stolen, leaked, or acquired otherwise. A individual appeared in a chatroom and offered the list to the general public. Some have tried and, indeed, have gained access to another person’s account.

Coinpot hack myth.png


So… View this as a warning bell, change your password to something difficult to guess, set up 2FA and your funds will be safer than in Fort Knox.

…to be continued.


Faucetgate (or Coingate?) – the hacking scandal.

Well, now that the Oscars are over and Harvey Weinstein is undergoing therapy…


About 16 hours ago, Faucethub has released the following:

coinpit hacked, says Faucethub
End of the world, according to Faucethub

Coinpot did not react immediately, about four hours ago they did respond in a calm and polite tone, as we have reported earlier.

Perhaps, they only found out that they were hacked from the message on Faucethub.

A simple Google search will, of course, leave it up to the reader to decide whether Coinpot was indeed hacked or not:
Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.41.41Coinpot hackedCOinpot hacked“A bunch of logins was released” is a really compelling evidence in favour of Coinpot being hacked. Most likely, at least half the users use the same password and login for both Coinpot and Faucethub.

An example of what actually happened (about a month ago):

“It appears that their (Coinpot’s) SSL certificate expired today and they have either reverted back to a self signed certificate automatically or they haven’t fully setup their new one or have not done it correctly.” –

That was reposted and made (fake)  news:

“I was way off, coinpot was not hacked. The user @vencero shared some links to coinpot and it works fine. I want to apologize for making a post that was misleading and lacked sufficient research on the topic.”


What actually happened this time:

…some services were offline and/or not working as good as others. A simple change of browser and some cookie cleaning solved the problem for us. For the rest, the Moon Faucets, BonusBitcoin and BitFun were operating perfectly and all the balances remained up to date.

Now, if an organisation would want to hack a multicryptocurrency wallet holding a lot of coins, would it go for the coins, or for disrupting login issues to some of the faucets? The remaining question is: why did Faucethub so readily warned its users about Coinpit accounts being hacked, while every second  website featured on Faucethub faucet injects a mining script into your browser, at the very least?

We will keep you posted as more light is shed on the situation.

P  S.

We do recommend you to use individual passwords for faucets and, ideally, create a separate (secondary) e-mail address for those purposes. 2FA is not a bad idea at all either. Also, please do refer to our Helpful Tips section: pop-ups and ads can be the main source of harm to your PCs and they can be killed with fire.

P. P. S.

Faucethub has not yet been reviewed on this website, mainly because our main focus is cryptocurrency investment and trading.

Facethub is a multicurrency walet, exchange, social network, beta-test platform for faucets and a mining portal with a repulsive interface in addition to that. Faucethub is not evil and definitely has its uses, but, unlike Coinpot, it attempts to do everything while excelling at nothing.

Coinpot focuses on improving on what it is doing best. Coinpot’s recent enormous reduction in minimum Bitcoin withdrawal amount and removal of transaction fees was a customer-oriented, intelligent market move and has hardly made any of the wallet’s competition happy.

To be continued.


Friendz ICO update – international App launch

According to today’s Friendz newsletter, the platform’s Android app has been finally officially released internationally.

We have previously mentioned that Friendz is an established marketing advisory company and uses the ICO for targeted fundraising. Although the FDZ Etherium token is not yet traded externally (as far as we know) app development usually positively affects the market price.

friendz mobile app launch during ico token saleEspecially if the app is something of quality.

friendz releases an android app during its ico token sale

“Why should I use Friendz app?

Continue reading “Friendz ICO update – international App launch”


Some charts (based on QoinPro free daily coins)

As we previously wrote, QoinPro is a multicurrency wallet which rewards its users by crediting their wallets with small portions of cryptocurrencies.

Read more about QoinPro and how to use it to your advantage

Register at QoinPro

Based on the QoinPro earnings only, we have created a  portfolio on Cryptocompare. Here’s what it currently looks like: Continue reading “Some charts (based on QoinPro free daily coins)”

Important freezes BTC, LTC and BCH withdrawals to Coinbase

Please note the news:

coinpot coinbase withdrawals bitcoin bitcoin cash litecoin

We are not sure why Coinpot froze withdrawals of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to Coinbase. It is very possible that it has to do with the increased volume of transactions following their unprecedented decrease in minimum payout thresholds and removal of transaction fees.

On another note, yesterday, a successful withdrawal of DASH faucet earnings was made from Coinpot wallet directly to a Binance cryptocurrency exchange address. The total zero-fee transaction time was around 10 hours.

coinpot dash withdrawal

binance dash deposit

Market value of DASH could be positively impacted by the introduction of Dash Evolution wallet.


DASH on coinmarketcap faucets

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How much money can I earn on partners? Is it worth the time?


CelanBryant has written an optimistic article about how much one can earn  visiting the faucets, assuming appreciation of coin value in fiat, a few tips and tricks, frequency of visits, etc.

Key points:

profitability of faucets

Min activity is just maiking it in with one click a day. Mid activity is someone with 100 referrals making between 25 and 48 claims a day, and Max activity is someone who’s maxing out every claim. I like to the think of Min as a lower limit, Max as an upper limit and Mid as an average.

If you’re just mailing it in with 1 claim a day for the rest of the year and have no referrals, you can make $900, providing prices remain the same.
If you make 24–48 claims per day with 100 referrals doing the same thing, you can make $10K, providing prices remain the same.

If you make max claims per day (58–288) with 500 referrals doing the same thing, you can make $70K, providing prices remain the same.

The thing about crypto is that the price does not stay the same. As much as I like free money, I wouldn’t be advising you to do this for $900 a year — though that’s nothing to sneeze at, especially if it’s free. Early investors of Bitcoin paid just $.06 for a Bitcoin. A $100 investment seven years ago would be worth $28 million today. It is highly unlikely that crypto prices in one year will be what they are today.

What if crypto prices grew 30% on average?

If you’re just mailing it in with 1 claim a day for the rest of the year and have no referrals, you can make $1,100, with a 30% increase in prices.
If you make 24–48 claims per day with 100 referrals doing the same thing, you can make ~$13K, with a 30% increase in prices.
If you make max claims per day (58–288) with 500 referrals doing the same thing, you can make ~$90K, with a 30% increase in prices.


Some of his strategies:

The key to optimizing this faucet is to claim every 25 minutes or so. This is the max out time, not 5 minutes. This may change, but current claim rates show that there is no benefit to claiming at smaller time intervals. You don’t start to make less satoshi until you wait for 30 minutes or more. So you can claim more often, but you won’t make any more than if you claim every 25 minutes (I say 25 because you don’t want to wait until the last minute). This makes MoonBitcoin one of the easier Moon faucets to reach maximum claims on.


The eternal question: do we need referrals? Of course. I value each and every single one of your sign ups using my links!

But do we need 100s of referrals to make money?


There’s one other thing that is absolutely critical in your claim amount. This is true for all 6 faucets — the number of times you claim can drastically increase your daily claim amount. For example, based on the current claim rate which is published on the Moon Bitcoin site, if you claim every 5 minutes for 4 weeks you get 16,128 satoshi (assuming no referrals or bonus opportunities). However, if you claim every 4 weeks you get 111 satoshi.

So, guys… Sign up to Moon, Bonus Bitcoin and Bitfun and start earning! The market is on the rise!