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If You Have Not Visited from 06.01.2019… missed the following updates, articles, videos, reviews, tests, giveaways (and more!): 06.01.2019: 2019 FreeBitcoin 4x Reward Point Promotion Still Running…Ethereum Daily Trade Volume Overtakes Bitcoin?Report, Video. Payout Transfer: 100 Dogecoin from Eobot to External Wallet. Transaction Times: Seconds, Service Status: Operational. 07.01.2019: General Knowledge: Dogecoin Wallet 11.01.2019: (ongoing) Dogecoin Giveaway: UpdateGeneral Knowledge: Brave Browser’s Basic… Continue reading If You Have Not Visited from 06.01.2019…


DMYF – Important News

Some of our readers/subscribers may ask: what the hell is going on with DMYF?.. Before, there were daily news coverage articles, there were reviews of new services, analytic pieces... Now, there is Cointiply-Cointiply-Cointiply, plus an occasional Coinpot Token article... The answer is simple: DMYF Beta project, as it is, has outlived itself. We never planned… Continue reading DMYF – Important News

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FAQ & Q&A Page: New Questions Answered

New additions to our beta-version Q&A Page: "Q: What are's best rewards? A: The latest iPhone and the latest Samsung, if you are into gadgets! Alternatively, the gift cards are easily obtainable. However, we believe that the best possible reward options are hidden under the Boosts section. We are publishing a series of "zero to… Continue reading FAQ & Q&A Page: New Questions Answered

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Important News (DMYF)

Dear Readers, We have decided that there should be segregation between internal and external newsflash posts (understandably, most of you are here for external news; thus, reading about what our plans are for, say, September, is not what you are after). We decided against a "sticky" "News" section on the front page. We are not… Continue reading Important News (DMYF)

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Dogecoin Giveaway: Update

But screw it all; don't faucet too much. Forget about your crypto portfolios for a while. Just enjoy your weekend, have as much fun as humanly possible, yet do not do anything we wouldn't do (which is, um, not saying much).

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MoonBitcoin – tips & hints

Does your MoonBitcoin faucet look like this...: Or like this...? Want to know how to remove adverts, stay safe from malware, not let the faucets slow down your device and still use the faucet to get free Bitcoin? Follow Don't Miss Your Flight. Subscribe and stay tuned! We are on your side.