Faucets: Tricks To Earn More

A list of hints, tricks and tips on how to earn more from faucets in general (and those listed on DMYF in particular). 

Q: I hate Captcha!

A: We prefer faucets which give you a choice between reCaptcha (images) and SolveMedia (text).  We love faucets with no captcha at all! The SolveMedia captcha is easier because reCaptcha can make you “choose the images with…” multiple times, which is really annoying. Especially when those images start “fading:”.

Hint:  if you are logged into your Google account, reCaptcha will be easier to solve and, sometimes, you will not need to solve it at all (since you are already “authorised”).

Hint: Static IP vs. Dynamic IP. Using the same device with the same operating system and the same browser with the same settings and (sigh) living with cookies can make captcha-solving a one-click process.

Hint: SolveMedia (text) Captcha – there is no need to use capital letters and a few spelling mistakes are accepted.

Hint: Cointply’s (a new, February 2018 Bitcoin faucet) script allows certain browsers “remember” the SolveMedia answers, making the process a little simpler.

cointply bitcoin btc satoshi roulette faucet

Of course, a Google search offers a huge number of various ways to solve the Captcha issue. Some are free, others are not… We recommend users to stay away from these offers as they will result in being banned from using a faucet.

Q: You claim that Moon faucets earnings are instant… While there is a minimum withdrawal requirement!

A: There is a simple way around it. If you use Coinpot’s internal exchange and convert all your earnings to DOGE, you will be able to withdraw your earnings daily. Dogecoin retains its popularity for this specific reason: sometimes it’s cheaper to “throw” coins from exchange to exchange via converting them to Doge and back. Minimum zero-transaction-fee withdrawal of Dogecoin at Coinpot.co is only 50 DOGE, while BonusBitcoin on its own pays out around 20-40 satoshi every 15 minutes. So… If you use Coinpot’s internal cryptocurrency converter, you will discover that you can make a daily withdrawal to an external wallet. Faucet payouts do not get more instant than that.

Click here for CryptoCompare’s excellent Cryptocurrency Exchange Calculator

Click here for a straightforward cryptocurrency Wallet-to-Wallet Exchange

Remember: you can withdraw funds from coinpot.co wallet straight to a wallet of an exchange. Cryptopia, CoinExchange, amongst others, offers a huge collection of DOGE pairs. LiteBit specialises on Crypto/FIAT exchanges. Knowing how to monetise your cryptocurrency is important… and easy.

Q: I have no need for Litecoin and I don’t even know what DASH is… Should I still spend my time on their Moon faucets?

A: Absolutely. Think of all Coinpot partners as one faucet paying out in once currency. First of all, the value of both DASH and Litecoin will most likely increase in the future. They are consistently ranked amongst the top-20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. Secondly, you can always convert the coins you don’t need to Bitcoin (or Doge) internally at coinpot.co, or externally to a cryptocurrency of your choice, using simple (non-marketplace)  exchange services, such as the one Changelly. And, of course, you never know when you will all-of-a-sudden be able to use your Litecoin in your daily life.

Also, do not neglect spending some time to find out a thing or two about the coins you’re fauceting… Knowledge is power!


source: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/litecoin/

Q: When .I open a faucet, I notice my device heating up/battery draining/electricity bills get higher… 

A: Unless you have agreed to allow the faucet to use your device to mine coins, you have been unlucky to visit a which website most probably includes a  hidden cryptomining script. It is one of a number of ways faucets make money (in order to be able to pay you). None of the faucets listed on this website have any hidden “surprises” like that. MoonBitcoin offers a Mining Bonus (it will add a bonus of up to 100% to your faucet claim, should you allow your CPU to be used for Bitcoin mining), however you are free to opt in and opt out of it.

Moonbitcoin's bitcoin mining option

The “mining bonus” structure of Moonbitcoin

Freebitcoin faucet also offers a similar feature; a direct profit based on your computer’s contribution. So does Cointply. However, all of the above simply offer the mining option (whether it’s worth it or not, – it’s entirely up to you), whereas other faucets do not mention it.

As an example, Mydogecoin is a harmless and a lightweight faucet with an easy-to-solve captcha and a generous, accumulating payout (easily achievable 100 DOGE), but it injects a mining script into your browser. Although it is fairly harmless, the only faucets we will sincerely recommend will be the ones which we consider transparent. To mine or not to mine should be up to you.

Make sure you have the latest antivirus installed on your device, that your OS and all programs are up-to-date and that you are using a safe and secure browser. Many browsers have an “anti-mining” extension or add-on, which we recommend installing.

A: Do not be alarmed. So do many everyday websites which generate their revenue from displaying sponsored content. Although one might call ads a necessary evil (better than a hidden mining script, or a virus!), ads and, specifically, popups can be unsafe , will consume data, hurt your eyesight and make your device run slower.

Remember that there are adblockers and adblockers. While disabling your main adblocker, you still can:

  • Block individual pop-ups by blocking the advert’s site domain.
  • Block elements of the page using advanced script-blockers.
  • Block images on a website altogether
  • Block redirects
  • Block Flash
  • Etc.

Just check the relevant extensions available for your browser. Let’s just say, if you see any ads on this website, on Freebitcoin, Freedogecoin, DiceMine or any of the Moon faucets, you either like ads, or aren’t picking the right extension!

*note: for Mac users, LittleSnitch might be the most elegant solution. LittleSnitch is a firewall that gives you a choice on whether to accept or deny incoming/outgoing connections and more. If you configure LittleSnitch correctly, you won’t ever see another ad.

…saying all that, please remember: faucets need a source of revenue in order to share it with you. Lack of revenue is the main reason why some faucets “dry out”, so ads or no ads is a entirely up to you.

Q: I keep forgetting to visit a faucet, or miss the optimum claim time

A: This problem is solved very easily through your browser, or browser’s extensions. As an example, let’s take Safari, – all you have to do is to bookmark the faucets in one folder and…


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