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Cointiply – Earn More, Work Less Tips – OfferWalls… Cyber Monday Wowcher Discount Code

*disclaimer: take care when using OfferWalls and downloading third-party apps!

A Cointiply OfferWall offer for Wowcher may be seen on the AdGate, or OfferToro boards for “apps”.

Adgate media work
AdGate Media


offertoro offer
  • Adgate Media


  • …”forgot” crediting until Support was contacted. A screenshot of a “welcome” email from Wowcher was enough to persuade Support (tip – always take screenshots!)
  • Wowcher predictably starts spamming your inbox with offers (tip – consider using a secondary email!)
  • One of which eventually was a “-$5 off your first order!” promotional voucher.

= theoretically, the Offer is now worth $0.12 credited to the Cointiply account plus the discount which can be used towards a purchase. Whether it’s worth it or not is up to personal discretion, but with Cyber Monday upon us…


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