Cointiply Earn More, Work Less: OfferWalls Tips

We have previously mentioned that not all Cointiply OfferWalls are created equal. AdGate Media can pay mote for the same task than OfferToro, etc.

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Within download-app-get-paid Offers, naturally, there are great offers (earn 30$ in 10 minutes? Risky, but possible… moreover, it is possible… risk-free… stay tuned), decent offers and offers which are too time-consuming.

cointime offer earn more coins on cointiply

Coin Time is basically an OfferWall a user is meant to download… And complete in-app offers for some mythical PayPal giftcards etc. As the AdGate Cointiply OfferWall states, the rules are “reach 300 Coins“.

The reward is quite decent; 3000-4000 Coins is normally 10-15 minutes of time from install to uninstall.

However, in this particular case, the user is encouraged to… Install apps which are featured on the main Cointiply OfferWall section

For much lower rewards.

A lot depends on geolocation (or stated geolocation), device, profile… Nevertheless, out of all earn-coins-for-playing-games or downloading apps, Coin Time-like apps are time-consuming, annoying, misleading and may lead a user to waste time on earning less than he or she would if he merely completed the same offer without installing Coin Time.

DMYF verdict: make us undownload this rubbish.

*Disclaimer: OfferWalls are dangerous, risky, can cause harm to devices, undermine security and infringe privacy, as well as cause financial problems. All information stated on this website is for education/entertainment purposes and id aimed at harm reduction, rather than service promotion. 


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