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Cointiply General Tips: Keeping Your Earnings Safe

Cointiply greeted us with a Certificate Error:

cointoipl;y error
At times, Ceritifate Errors can be caused by a Browser, or even the OS configuration. A second-browser check revealed no problems, however the error did remind us of the August downtime and the necessity to mention some safety tips:

Set a strong password. Always. Specifically, for everything to do with cryptocurrency. A “strong password” is a random combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Do not use any dictionary words. Do not use names. Do not use dates. Do not screenshot your password. Do not use the same password for more than one resource. Change your password every once in a while.
– Remember: Cointiply does not use 2FA! Anyone who gets “into” your account can either withdraw your earnings, sell all your buildings in the Mine and withdraw your earnings… Or wait around until you have enough earnings to withdraw.
Cointiply’s website does not care how many users are logged in simultaneously and where the users are logging in from. We used a simple free VPN to mask the IP; Freebitcoin and Freedogecoin did not allow a single “roll”. Cointiply‘s website did not give a fuck.
– Perhaps, it would not be a bad idea to set up your withdrawal preferences and pre-set your Bitcoin/Dogecoin addresses… As long as your account is safe. Butcointalk Cointiply thread is full of “my account has been hacked” messages.
– This sounds absolutely ludicrous and should not be taken for more than a joke, but currently, keeping the funds in “Gems“, rather than “Coins” is something worth a thought.
– Considering the security flaws, a site-wide hacking attack would be devastating for Cointiply and its users. The funds currently held within the system (thanks to the Mining Game) keep the system afloat and are not insured. Unless playing the Mining Game, users should not hold their earnings with Cointiply. 


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