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“How Do I Increase Cointiply’s Main Faucet (Roulette) Cointiplier?”

Increasing Cointiply’s faucet roll Cointiplier is not a myth. Since the faucet earnings can be multiplied, new users should consider working on doing so from day one. Over time, having a 1,9x-ish faucet claim boost will count. In fact, for an active user, the Cointiplier might be worth more than ten referrals (referrals tend to be lazy, barely active and failing to realise that Cointiply’s gold mine is OfferWalls, where earning $5 a day is easier than solving captcha).


For months following registration, the Cointiplier can be stuck at something resembling…

cointiplier increase cointiply.com
…eventually it can “jump” to something along the lines of..:

Cointiply Cointiplier

Despite a strong suspicion that there is a “manual” element behind that arrow movement, it seems increasing it is possible, one or another way, full stop. Since the change in Cointiplier number followed a change in general pattern of Cointiply activity, it could be possible that there are certain steps, following which may ensure a close-to-2x (plus x2 Loyalty Bonus…) earnings increase…

Question is… whether it really is necessary to spend time on trying to.


Faucet “rolls’ rewards are nothing, compared to OfferWall earnings, but – in conjunction with the 100% Loyalty Boost, over time, everything does add up over time, – a guaranteed $0.01 per roll is… a guaranteed $0.01 per roll. The $1.53 Kiwi Wall Offer took seconds to complete, but… finding a good Offer requires experience, caution and research.

Though some aspects of the early Cointiply Review published centuries ago are outdated, the section dedicated to the Cointiplier pretty much reflects its nature with surprising accuracy. In particular, – the “philosophy” behind the Cointiplier:

“…the more income you generate for Cointiply, the higher the payout will be. Simple as that.”

Although trying out most sections of the site should (in theory) be enough for the “arrow” to move, de-facto, it is not 100% correct.

The “jump” from x1.47 to x.1.92 Cointiply faucet income multiplier occurred after browsing Offer Walls. Some sections of the website that were not even visited.

Based on anecdotal evidence, in case anyone is interested in multiplying every hourly “Roll“, some aspects should be considered:

–  Cointiplier only applies to the “roll“: faucet, however if it can be increased, it should be. The results will be noticeable over time, since Cointiply’srolls” actually do produce higher-than-minimum revenues many times more often than any other roulette-based faucet out there.

– It seems that the easiest path to increasing the Cointiplier is completing a few Offers, which do not have to be time-consuming, risky or complicated. As stated above, OfferWalls can be dangerous; application of common sense, caution, cynicism, critical thinking, paranoia, sarcasm, etc. is highly recommended.

– “Mining” (         ) is not a requirement for the jump outlined above. Neither is “PTC Ads“, “Games” or the new “Multiplier Game“.

Cointiply often states or hints that Cointiplier does not like adblocking. This is either not true, or not entirely true. Brave Browser does an excellent job at eradicating scammy adverts on the main page… but the shields have to be taken down, at least partially, on OfferWalls (understandably, – Offer progress needs to be tracked so the user receives the reward… although learning more about Shields is recommended). Unlike other browsers which fight ads with easily detectable add-ons, Brave’s “Shields” are active from the moment of installation and unless someone really wants to see annoying banners, he won’t.

cointiply earn
Download Brave Browser and say “goodbye, ads“.

Cointiply Support claims the “jump” is automatic… But contacting Support might help.

– Once the arrow moves it seems to stay. 06.03.2019 upd: Cointiplier moved from 1.92 to 1.91 for some unknown reason.

– Intentionally going after the Cointiplier makes sense if the user is relatively new to (few weeks), but fairly serious about staying on Cointiply.

– Reportedly, Cointiply earnings are affected by a user’s geolocation. Cointiplier should not be.

– Prior to witnessing the Cointiplier move, two sections of the website were almost completely ignored: Videos and OfferWalls, however merely a few visits to the OfferWalls were enough, so…

…a rough guide on how to increase the Cointiplier could be expressed as something in the form of a step-by-step plan:

(hypothetical, derived out of personal experience!)

– Watching a few Videos and Cointiply Videos,
– Going to OfferWalls, complete a couple of Offers on at couple different Walls,
(if arrow did not move by then…)
– A couple more OffersSurveys might help.
(…still no movement?…)
– Play a few Games… Visit PTC Ads...
– Couple more Offers
(Cointiplier still not impressed?)
– Write and angry/outraged/devastated complaint to Support (Cointiply Support does respond fast. Maybe, too fast, even).
– …still no luck? Forget about the damn multiplier. Read our “Earn More, Work Less” series and make your next Dogecoin withdrawal today.


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