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Cointiply: Earn More, Work Less; OffreWalls Spacial Orientation

To illustrate a point mentioned in the previous post (“not all OfferWalls are created equal“):

OfferToro Cointiply OfferWall:

Earn over $5 for playing a game

AdGate Cointiply OfferWall:

AgGate Media pays $8 for downloading and playing a game

Nuff said. AdGate pays $3 more for the same task… With an added bonus of, who knows, trying to double-score should a user have an iPhone under a different AppleId (thinking out loud, jk). 🙂

For the record: both AdGate and OfferToro have paid out 100% of whatever was promised. There was no need to contact support at any point in time.

*Disclaimer: OfferWalls are dangerous, risky, can cause harm to devices, undermine security and infringe privacy, as well as cause financial problems. All information stated on this website is for education/entertainment purposes and id aimed at harm reduction, rather than service promotion. 


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