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Coinpot Token Value & Price: What Can You Do With Coinpot Tokens

coinpot token
Today, 100 Coinpot Tokens convert to:

Bitcoin at the rate of 100 CT = 0.00000147 BTC
Bitcoin Cash at the rate of 100 CT = 0.00001787 BCH
Dogecoin at the rate of 100 CT = 1.65937629 Doge
Litecoin at the rate of 100 CT = 0.00015822 LTC
DASH at the date of 100 CT = 0.00005108 DASH

Let’s take Bitcoin Cash as a conversion tool.

Source = Google

Today, 1 Bitcoin Cash = $545.67
0.00001787 BCH = $0.0098
100 Coinpot Tokens = $0.0098

This correlates with our previous calculations.

We cautiously assume that the value of a Coinpot Token is tied to the current fiat value of cryptocurrencies and is constant. 

100 Coinpot Tokens, so far, always “sold” for circa $0.01. Which means that Coinpot Tokens are the fiat of your Coinpot balance. If that is correct,

1000 Coinpot Tokens = (circa) 0.10$
10000 Coinpot Tokens = (circa) $10

We recommend every faucet user to create a cryptocurrency portfolio. It is 100% free, great for putting things in perspective and learning how to structure a basic investment portfolio is a transferrable skill. Once a sample Coinpot sub-section is created, a user can see the real-time and historic value of the earnings (naturally, the earnings from other faucets can be added too, however let’s stick to Coinpot).

Cryptocompare offers a comprehensive database and an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

(read more: Investing and Trading: Starter’s Tools“How to build your cryptocurrency portfolio”)

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Upon creation of an account and the necessary update of the balances according to individual figures, a Cryptocompare-hosted Coinpot “portfolio” will look like something along the lines of:

Acquisition Cost is set at 0% since the faucet income came with no direct fiat investment

…where “profit” and “loss” are changes to the current value of total balance, whether in USD, BTC, ETH, Gold, or anything else (and a ton of additional tools).

Whatever a user plans to do with Coinpot cryptocurrency earnings is up to personal discretion. Amongst the things one can do with your Coinpot Tokens is:

1. Add a +X fiat to the value of the earnings and time spentCoinpot Tokens can be viewed as the USD reward for the Moon Faucet activity.

If the stated assumptions and calculations are correct, at the moment, every user is rewarded with $0.0003 per visit to each of the seven Coinpot faucets.

Whether it is the popular MoonBitcoin, or a less popular (for some strange reason) MoonDash.

(off-topic: amongst the five currencies offered by Coinpot, DASH is, potentially, the most interesting coin; alas, somewhat overlooked)

BitFun becomes the biggest fiat-value generator, – since 3 Coinpot Tokens can be claimed every 3 minutes (instead of 5, or 15) and the claiming process is, arguably, the quickest (no ads… well, we can’t recall seeing any).

2. If fauceting in expectation of all five cryptocurrencies’ prices to rise in the long run, one can use the Coinpot Tokens as a way to “diversify” the mini-portfolio, buying a bit of every currency daily.

3. …or, in fact, anything one would do with fiat. Taking into consideration that:

– Coinpot Tokens’ value is determined by Coinpot and the Tokens have no use outside the multicurrency faucet income aggregator.
– If Coinpot decides to devalue the Tokens, they will be devalued without notice. 
– If Coinpot disappears, Coinpot Tokens will disappear. 
– Our calculations are rough estimates and do not take into consideration the fees one would face when converting the Tokens to any other currency (Coinpot charges no conversion fees and 0% withdrawal fees over certain amounts; other exchanges do).

P. S.

At the time of writing, minimum withdrawal amounts from Coinpot are:

Bitcoin: 0.0001 BTC = $0.66
Bitcoin Cash: 0.0001 BCH  = $0.054
Litecoin: 0.002 LTC = $0.12
Dogecoin: 50 Doge = $0.29 USD
DASH: 0.0002 DASH = $0.038154

…meaning that the cheapest possible way of making a Coinpot withdrawal is not Doge and not even Bitcoin Cash, but DASH


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