A selection of multicurrency high-payout faucets with instant withdrawal. 
(tried and tested – LEGIT! No spam, no viruses, just instant payotus)

All of the faucets below operate through the reputable (been around since July last year) multiwallet (registration there takes a second). Once you register a account, “registration”//”login” on the faucets is basically entering the email you use for (even less than a second).

Q: is that the “catch”?
A: Not really. I don’t even have a DASH wallet, – I just use the coinpot address. Why not have five coins stored in one place?

As soon as you make a faucet claim, the funds are transferred to your account. Unlike Faucethub, it is just a multiwallet with a few faucet partners; not a faucet aggregator. offers a no-commission internal exchange at market rates, which makes withdrawals extremely easy (lconverting to DOGE and either wirthdrawing the funds onto your own wallet, or any exchange).

(i.e. Lktecoin balance too low to make a withdrwawal? Convert to DOGE…)

Moon faucets: 

(NOTE – every Moon faucet offers an up-to-100% “mystery” bonus and an accumulating loyalty bonus; the Mystery bonus is a godsend. More on how to utilise it best, – in the future posts). – LTC (claim every 5 minutes) – BitcoinCash (same) – Bitcoin (same). Also offers a built-in mining option.

Other coinpot partners

In addition to the MOON faucests, partnered with the following Bitcoin faucets:  – claim every 15 min.  claim every 3 min (!). Also offers to play games. 

As usual, all faucets have the option to earn extra in the “offers” section.



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