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Cointiply “Earn More, Work Less” Tips and Hints: The REAL Multiplier

DISCLAIMER: 18+, for education purposes only. OfferWalls should be approached with caution. Nothing about faucets is “free” (read more). Methods described are based on anecdotal evidence and should not be taken as a guide. 

Even with 100-day Loyalty Bonus, a roulette roll on Cointiply results in $0.01-per-hourprofit“. Any earnings which can lead to quick Dogecoin transfer (=$5.00) are virtually unattainable without OfferWalls. “Legit” (=paying) OfferWall, AdgateMedia, features an attractive $10-for-playing-a-game


…which is “real“…


…paying $10 for hours of boring tapping, temptations of buying pixels (DANGER, AVOID!).

Less “generousAdgateMedia app Offers… can be “multiplied“. Most “download and installOffers are mirrored for all devices…


…and seem to pay out independently, per device, rather than per account.

…perhaps, World War Rising $10 earnings can turn into $30?..

Note: Cointiply minimum payout in Dogecoin is $5. Cointiply has been approved and proven to be a paying faucet.

Note: DMYF is not certain whether any information provided comes in conflict with any faucet rules and regulations. 

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General Knowledge – Cookies, Surveys, Advertising and the Privacy We Sold For Coins: The Price of “Free”

A concise, yet informative collection of episodes dedicated to historical evolution, the “now” and the (gloomy) future of modern mass and social media.

This particular episode is a must-watch for everyone interested in faucets, wondering why websites really want you to click “ok” when cookies, beckons and trackers are forced upon you…

…and especially survey-taking OfferWallers.

Self-quoting isn’t great etiquette, but:

For those adopting the “fun” approach, making more coins is easy via videos, Offer Walls, etc. Beware: if you answer the questions honestly, you are selling your privacy and important information about yourself. Patterns of behaviour, biographic details, shopping preferences; corporations pay a lot for this data. You are giving it away to be better at an online “mining game”. The recent Facebook scandal torpedoed the billion-dollar-worth social network so badly, Facebook had to run soapy “we’re sorry” TV adverts, targeted at specific population groups. Witnessing those, who value the “anonymity” of crypto and discuss privacy engaging in surveys is humorous. When Judas sold the geolocation of his top executives, he was reimbursed with silver. You are selling yourself for “100-500 coins”. Have some self-respect.

To maintain some self-respect, we are never sugarcoating the (what we consider to be) truth and attempt to provide accurate, research-driven-data.

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Cointiply: Earn More, Work Less – OfferWall Tips

*disclaimer: third-party app downloads may cause harm to your device, OfferWall offers might infringe your privacy and “free-to-play” games can be addictive and end up costing much more than traditional “pay once” games!

Yet again, we remind that there are differences between Cointiply’s OfferWalls’ rewards and the reward process itself.

Example: Lords Mobile, online MMORPG, free-to-play.

LordsMobile on AdGate Media
AdGate Media: $1.30
LordsMobile on OfferYToro
OfferToro: $1.99

A user can earn from $1.30 to $1.99 for downloading the app and completing the requirements.

(proof of payment)

LM proof
Adgate Media Offer Completed proof and got 13056 coins

The requirements are different, however both offers are easy to complete  in one to two hours.

AdGate Media rewards as promised. Whenever it does not reward for one reason or another, a quick email (ideally with a screenshot) sent to Support solves the issue.

OfferToro is slower to reward and its Support is less easy to access.

We are still experiencing difficulties claiming an OfferToro reward. 

As soon as both OfferWallstick” the Offer as completed, the Cointiply balance increases by the respective amount. Cointiply receives no reward if a user receives no reward and contacting Cointiply Support is ineffective, as their responsibility over OfferWalls (including safety and security!) is limited.

AdGate OfferWall process is simpler: once clicked, a user has access to a link which, when accessed via a mobile device browser tracks the offer completion.

OfferToro, instead, asks for a user’s email address and further instructions are supposed to be accessed from the device’s email inbox… making a user share his or her email address with yet another organisation which really cares about users’ privacy.

Sidenote: IGG is a legitimate game studio and Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, Clash of Lords are legitimate apps (=theoretically, safe to instal, as far as we know). What trackers are installed and what happens during the installation process – we do not know.

IGG can afford to first pay OfferToro/AdGate/…, which takes its commission and then pays Cointiply which, after taking a commission, pays a user $2-ish for, potentially, getting hooked on a game within the hours necessary to complete an offer and spend a ton of money, becoming a long-term player,

(rhetoric) Question: what % of the sum total amount spent by IGG reaches the user and how much do “third parties” keep to themselves?..

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Cointiply – Earn More, Work Less Tips – OfferWalls… Cyber Monday Wowcher Discount Code

*disclaimer: take care when using OfferWalls and downloading third-party apps!

A Cointiply OfferWall offer for Wowcher may be seen on the AdGate, or OfferToro boards for “apps”.

Adgate media work
AdGate Media


offertoro offer
  • Adgate Media


  • …”forgot” crediting until Support was contacted. A screenshot of a “welcome” email from Wowcher was enough to persuade Support (tip – always take screenshots!)
  • Wowcher predictably starts spamming your inbox with offers (tip – consider using a secondary email!)
  • One of which eventually was a “-$5 off your first order!” promotional voucher.

= theoretically, the Offer is now worth $0.12 credited to the Cointiply account plus the discount which can be used towards a purchase. Whether it’s worth it or not is up to personal discretion, but with Cyber Monday upon us…

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Cointiply News: TapResearch Bug

Normally, TapResearch rewards users regardless whether the Survey is completed or not; even if “quota is full”, the user’s Cointiply Coin (or Gem) balance will be credited with a portion of the whole reward.

Recently, unless the survey was fully completed, no “complimentary” reward was received. We contacted Cointiply to ask why aren’t users receiving their coins.

Cointiply‘s response:

We are aware Tap Research is having issues. We have alerted them, as have many members. This issue is on their end, and we do not know when it will be fixed. Like you, we hope it will be soon!

In other words, all is good.

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Cointiply: Earn More, Work Less; How Profitable Is TapResearch OfferWall?

Previously, we reported that TapResearch is going mad. In a good way. Cointiply’s OfferWall is getting more and more generous.

First thing that comes to mind is that Christmas is around the corner and since vast majority of Surveys are about shopping patterns… In any case, let’s glance at the OfferWall an ask ourselves – how profitable is TapResearch and is it worth the effort?

Before we proceed, some basics:

Unfortunately, if you ask yourself “why don’t I see the Survey earning opportunities“, remember: TapResearch is open for residents of following countries: US, CA, GB, BR, FR, DE, AU, CN, IT, ES, RU, JP, IN, MX, SE, DK, NO, FI, HK, SG, NL, KR.

  • 10000 Cointiply Coins = $1
  • Minimum Cointiply earnings withdrawal – $3,50 (BTC)
  • Red or Blue survey color – makes little difference
  • Approximate completion time means little; 20 minute Surveys can be completed in 5 minutes… or vice-versa.
  • TapResearch rewards are credited immediately.
  • (most important) Even if, for some reason, a user does not qualify for the survey, or fails to complete it half-way… TapResearch still pays out for trying!

Now, below is a screenshot taken randomly,

Tapresearch works

Should a user complete every survey, the earnings would sum up to $20.29.| Not bad for a couple of hours of work…Considering that, with experience, one learns that no survey ever takes “20 minutes“. Realistically, it is impossible to qualify for every single survey… But it is possible to try completing every single one! Rewards for “trying” correlate with potential completion earnings, thus a user will earn something from each attempt. Finally, – there is literally no end to surveys (at least, not in our experience). If a user spends an hour on the OfferWall, rewards do diminish, however, after a short break go back to normal.

READ MORE: Earn More, Work Less: Tap Research Tips & Guide
*Disclaimer: OfferWalls are dangerous, risky, can cause harm to devices, undermine security and infringe privacy, as well as cause financial problems. All information stated above is for education/entertainment purposes and is written with an intention of  harm reduction, rather than advertisement or promotion. 

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Cointiply: Earn More, Work Less; AdGate Instant Coins (example)

(aka = earn 1632 Coins = 46000 Gems = $0.16 in 10 seconds)

1. Navigate to OfferWall section of Cointiply

2. Click on AdGate OfferWall

AdGate Offerwall prompt on Offerwall section of Cointiply

3. Locate…

libetex task on offerwall of contiply that pays +1632 coins
Offer is available for other platforms too (not limited to iPad)

4. Follow instructions* on pop-up:..

Instructions for geting mobile shortlink to complete the task on offerwall

(note: do not ever disclose your personal email address!)*

5. Install the App



…or, in Gem Mode

Interface showing the completion of Adgate media offer which payed 43299 Gems approximately 18 minutes ago

6. Feel free to uninstall app.


Quite literally, the whole process takes seconds. The attractive part is that there is no need to complete any in-app instructions, or even register. Click-install-check balance-uninstall. Thank you, AdGate.

Now, we had a dream: what if someone changed his/her mind and decided to complete the same offer on an Android device… Will AdGate appreciate the determination with a second reward?.. Hm.

P. S. All “app install” offers are not “free”. 

– By accepting an “app install” offer, a user is saying “welcome” to trackers,
– Lets the whole world know what devices he/she owns
Potentially exposes the device to malware, adware, ransomware.
– Apple is more secure than Android, but the Offers take a user to the AppStore through layers and layers of sites, right?..

A full security guide will be published. For now, a few tips:

– If possible, use a secondary (old, cheap) device if app-downloading. 
– Using a secondary Apple ID/Google Account is not a bad idea.
– Neither is installing a couple security apps.
– …tbc.

*Disclaimer: OfferWalls are dangerous, risky, can cause harm to devices, undermine security and infringe privacy, as well as cause financial problems. All information stated on this website is for education/entertainment purposes and id aimed at harm reduction, rather than advertisement or promotion.