DMYF: First Year. August Milestone, Editor’s Essay.

DMYF is an independent, non-conformist, non-profit, self-funded cryptocurrency news & media project, with a difference.

I do not begin my day looking through the site’s statistics page. Instead, I skim through newsletters, charts and dozens of niche sources. I proofread articles to remove errors and fault and update figures, not to add keywords.

If a portal’s popularity is predominantly earned through SEO and hours are spent studying how to climb up in search results, – does the portal offer a product that is useful to its readers, or advertisers? What is sold to the audience, words’ meaning, or word structure?

At what point does a news site end and an online store begin?

Whatever content DMYF offers is there to inform, educate and entertain. We do not offer simple answers to complex questions. At times, we might not have an answer at all! Will we publish “fake news”? No. We will do our best to provide the literary tools necessary to for reader to form an answer.

Our style is tailored to encourage research, develop critical thinking, formulate individual opinion, – only conceptual, in-depth understanding of processes and mechanisms behind a phenomenon may result give birth to rational decision-making, steering a reader away from having faith in a source just because others do and recognise s quote torn out of context, numbers presented under a light favoring the argument and differentiate between luck and educated risk. Are these skills not applicable to fintech industry?

Our reader has a name, surname, feelings and emotions, he rejoices in times of success and suffers disappointment.

Our average reader’s name is not robots.txt.

Views of DMYF site from May to Aug.

However limited, DMYF’s positive dynamics reassure us that we are doing something right.

We thank our visitors, readers, subscribers, Twitter followers…

We will do our best to evolve into something bigger.

Kind regards,

Chief Editor, DMYF.

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