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Cointiply Mining Game – Strategy Tips

This article might refer to outdated information as it was only kept for the “Our warnings were correct” reason!

Earn, Spend, Earn, Spend.

A few more points on the Mining Game, offered by Cointiply.:

  • As we mentioned previously, the Mining Game is a Game, designed to keep your earnings in the system. You are playing against the system, – trying to snatch an away win and outsmart the machine! Vive La Revolucion!
  • In light of the statement mentioned above, since the game is not free, consider adopting one of the three approaches:1. Stay away, continue site activity as normal; perhaps, figure out the cheapest way of getting something of a passive income.2. Calculate, calculate, calculate, invest as much as needed (not half-way) to achieve reasonable ROIs. Going “all in”, hoping that the rules won’t change radically (like they did a couple of weeks back).

    3. Treat it as a game (it can be fun!) and take it easy, accept paying a small (we hope) price for the enjoyment. Perhaps, new and interesting gameplay features will be added in the future?

  • Boosting efficiency through site activity feature was replaced altogether by the introduction of in-game currency (gems). Congratulations, now your entire Cointiply activity can be converted to gems… In “gem-mode”… Goodbye, earnings? Actually, “gem-mode” is not a bad thing (read below).
  • Vital numbers (roughly): 34 MP = 1 coin p/h, 2% efficiency deducted every hour, 200 coins = 1 MP, 1010 gems = 10% efficiency, etc. Make sure whatever you are doing makes mathematical sense.
  • Explore the options offered by the game. Marketplace can be good for those with fast reaction and a fast connection, – sometimes, a far below the market price too-good-to-be-true offer appears and can be snatched! Other than that, learn what the market rates are. Consider switching to gem mode for a while if you are active on the website, – perhaps, earning gems is easier than you thought?

    Gem Mode - almost 1000 Gems for one ordinary Cointiply Roulette roll.
    Gem Mode – almost 1000 Gems for one ordinary Cointiply Roulette roll.
  • Exploration =/trial and error experimentation. One of the in-game “Tips” (which, you can, by the way, switch the fuck off) states:

    Let the game creators “experiment” in their bedrooms. Do not “experiment”. Learn from others’ “experiments”, calculate, move in for the kill, win. “Try this, try that” = “spend, rinse-repeat”.
  • As long as it makes mathematical sense, efficiency should be maintained at 200% using auto-boost (which implies a healthy stockpile of gems). What is mathematical sense? Not spending 999 coins on 1000 gems to purchase that 10% which grant you an extra coin per hour. Not having thoughts like “I’ll just sell that building if it won’t work”. Even the promo-material-“guide” reluctantly admits that you are not likely to return much by selling the buildings.
  • You can build more than one building of the same type, or not build some at all. All depends on numbers.
  • What are “pools”? “Pools” are “forget about it”. The Primary Pool is for top 100 or so players; unless you are hardcore, you’ll stay where you are.
  • Make sure you are familiar with key areas of the game; i. e. the Special Building (we do not doubt that more will hit the market, making your efforts obsolete and shrinking those ROIs; get to the ROI stage sooner, rather than!) and its uses.
    Auto-checks in if you are afk for longer than three hours and is counted upon for maintaining efficiency.

    `Time is of the essence, – the Mining Game is not of the “stop to smell the roses” type; do not procrastinate… Yes, yes, if it makes mathematical sense.

  • The in-site guides are promo materials and should healthily be ignored. However, they do include parts which are, at times, helpful and important:
    cointiply mining game guide tips hints strategy
    Example 1
    Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 20.38.56
    Example 2


  • For those adopting the “fun” approach, making more coins is easy via videos, Offer Walls, etc. Beware: if you answer the questions honestly, you are selling your privacy and important information about yourself. Patterns of behavior, biographic details, shopping preferences; corporations pay a lot for this data. You are giving it away to be better at an online “mining game”. The recent Facebook scandal torpedoed the billion-dollar-worth social network so badly, Facebook had to run soapy “we’re sorry” TV adverts, targeted at specific population groups. Witnessing those, who value the “anonymity” of crypto and discuss privacy engaging in surveys is humorous. When Judas sold the geolocation of his top executives, he was reimbursed with silver. You are selling yourself for “100-500 coins”. Have some self-respect.
  • Saying that, OfferWalls are profitable and should not be ignored. However, an Offer Wall guide deserves a separate article. For now, when you see shit like:Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 18.52.26
    remember, there are those, who use TOR to Google their English Literature homework, pay for a top-end VPN, have a hardware Bitcoin wallet, talk about privacy and then click “accept”. Those gems won’t make themselves, you know.
  • Yes, Cointiply almost shoves you into these curious “survey” hands. Be smart about them.
  • Faster earning in Cointiply is achieved via Offer Walls, nor forgetting to stick a few videos on the background, as discussed previously, disregarding Cointiply’s games, etc.
  • Summary: play to win, be ready to pay for playing to have fun, or do not play at all. Otherwise, you will lose. However, some imagination, calculator app, common sense, willingness to make an initial investment and take a few risks and, who knows, maybe Cointiply shall become your bitch and you will be making the Mining Game’s creators fill out surveys about the kinds of chocolate they buy for their households.

    They shall not pass!

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