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Coinpot Tokens’ Value: How Many BTC, BCH, Dogecoin, LTC, DASH and… Indian Rupee (INR) 100 Tokens are Worth?

coinpot token logo calculating value of coinpot token against fiat

Today, should you decide to sell your Coinpot Tokens, asking yourself, what’s a Coinpot Token’s value, worth, use or utility…

logo bitcoin black background btc
You can get 0.00000284 Bitcoin (BTC) for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000000284)
logo of bitcoincash on black background bch
You can get 0.00008810 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000008810)
dogecoin doge logo on black backgrpund
You can get 5.08194081 Dogecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0508194081)
Litecoin ltc logo on black background
You can get 0.00031486 Litecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000031480)
DASH logo on black background

You can get 0.00014312 DASH for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000014312)

Now, what about the fiat value of cryptocurrencies and the corresponding value of Coinpot Tokens at present? Historically, we used to use USD as a universal measure. For a change, we will use… INR.

0.00000284 Bitcoin = 0,696422 INR (₹); ergo 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0,696422 INR (₹)
0.00014312 DASH is worth 0.687503 Indian Rupee; ergo 100 Coinpot Tokens 0.687503 Indian Rupee.
5.08194081 Doge is worth 0.680317 Indian Rupee; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.680317 INR
0.00031486 Litecoin converts to 0.695148 INR; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.695148 Indian Rupee
0.00008810 Bitcoin Cash equals 0.694285 INR; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0.694285 INR.

Evidently, fiat price of a Coinpot Tokens is constant. Problematically, their liquidity is limited to Therefore, converting Coinpot Tokens to fiat will encounter a lot of fees?.. No. There is a way to withdraw Coinpot Tokens and convert them to USD paying close to nothing. How? Stay tuned! (spoiler)

P. S. Coinpot Tokens are earned for every action on Coinpot-partnered faucets.

Read more:

Coinpot Faucets: Guide

Guide: Earn & Withdraw 75+ Dogecoin Today


Currency rates obtained from:

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New Coinpot Token Article Published… on DMYF 2.0 (beta) Site.

How much is 100 Coinpot Tokens in USD? What’s the use of Tokens? What’s their value? How can Coinpot Tokens be used to earn Coins? Read now!

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Cointiply Today: Today’s Status & “Health” Review

Cointiply is undergoing changes. To put it more accurately, the cryptocurrency market is undergoing changes which affect Cointiply, Cointiply’s administration is clumsily reacting to said changes, regular Cointiply‘s users are having a “sigh, whatever” moment, while many Mining Game players’ feelings are better described by “wait, wtf?“.

1. What’s up with Tap Research?

Tap Research used to generously reward users for attempting to take a survey. Perhaps too generously, – even clicking on a Survey was rewarded.

Half-completing a 20-minute survey hoping to earn $5 and wasting time due to getting disqualified half-way was annoying, however, righteously compensated by a % of the promised reward.

Tap Research was the OfferWall place to go and Cointiply openly encouraged users to take advantage of the earning system which, naturally, represented fertile grounds for abuse, but who cares was immensely profitable to both the faucet and faucet users.

In short, – when the Offer Wallwent mad“, rewards for “trying” kinda disappeared. Both Cointiply and TapResearch are poker-facing.


…so unless it’s a bug affecting only some users (let us know!), fairytale’s gone bad.

2. Mining Game Status

…with revenues from TapResearch vanishing and Gems becoming expensive, some users’ lack of pre-calculation resulted in disappointment.

The good: in October, a Mining Game update allowed users to “maintain” mines at their own pace.

The bad: referral income was restricted to Coins. Goodbye, passive Gem influx.

The ugly: although Gem cost is, theoretically, determined by the market and was introduced to ensure Mining Game‘s sustainability, its introduction reminded “investors” that the rules are determined by Cointiply and, – surprise, – the “income” is far from “passive“. An expensive mine can generate $3-$5-$10 per day, a stock of Gems on auto-spend mode can allow a user to log in only to withdraw the earnings, but the cost of “repairs” (aka renewing the “lease”) will force the user either to spend profits on purchasing Gems on the Marketplace, or “work” on OfferWalls.

3. Videos

Our access to is “denied“. Again, – hopefully other users still able to run three videos on background, passively collecting Coins, – besides, we are merely reviewing features and running never resulted in astronomical profits, – the restriction acted as a reminder that nothing in life is “forever“.

We were very, ehm, experimental when it came to things like testing how many videos a user can watch simultaneously, on how many devices and whether won’t mind us mainly watching how many coins have “ticked” per window, or watching the videos while sleeping, so to us a “goodbye, free video coins” was a question of time, however, just in case the system still works for everyone else, a few tips:

– running YouTube in parallel might not be a great idea.
– running media players in parallel might not be a great idea
– “watching” Cointiply PTC ads in parallel might not be a great idea
– sticking to the recommended “three” videos at once might be more prudent than “losing count”
– contacting Support did not resolve anything (but we did not persist/insist)
– we generally did not try to resolve the issue by more “technical” means
– apparently, VPN use is “prohibited” by Cointiply and is most likely frowned upon by OfferWalls
– the repertoire of is limited and, anecdotally, getting paid for “watching” a video for the XXXXXth time can’t last forever (cycling through channels paid best)
– thanks to the OfferWall, we discovered that Late Night Alumni produce awesome melodic vocal house tracks!

4. What’s up with Cointiply Videos?

Temporarily” offline. Were too good to be true. Nuff said.

5. PTC Ads

Operational. Risky (to be reviewed).

6. Is the main Faucet enough to make money?

Main Faucet is still frequently rolling “high” and, with a x1.92 multiplier + x2 (100% Loyalty Bonus) multiplier is a nice bonus, especially in Gem Mode when GpC rate is good.

Earnings are nothing in comparison to OfferWall rewards.

7. Multiplier Game…


– Gambling is bad.
– Why pay back the faucet where the money was earned?
– We believe that specialised cryptocurrency casinos are more likely to be “fair” because their popularity is mainly dependent on whether users are happy with the odds. Looking for a cryptocurrency casino? We have not experienced issues testing out LuckyGames (so far). At least, unlike other “casinos” LuckyGames does not push a user to make a deposit by offering XXXXXXX% “free” bonus as a top-up (=want to make a withdrawal?.. make bets equivalent to 100x your balance…), does not spam at all, does not require registration as a trial, has its own faucet, does not host idiotic slot games and accepts almost 100 cryptocurrencies. If there is such a thing as a legitimate and fair online cryptocurrency casino, LG is as close to making such impression as we’ve seen. Yet again, – gambling is bad and impressions are subjective.

8. Can users deposit Bitcoin in Cointiply’s system?


5% Interest on Coin Balances

Starting December 1st, 2018 you can earn 5% annual interest on any Coin balance of 35,000 Coins or more. Interest will be calculated daily and paid weekly.

Why doesn’t Cointiply offer a “savings” service” was a question which we asked ourselves for months, facepalming over and over.

Now yet another market opportunity which Cointiply administration previously either missed, introduced too late, or just fucked up joins the club. Whether Cointiply will turn out to be a scam in the end, or there will be a “happily ever after”, when the Mining Game will crumble under its own weight, or whether Cointiply‘s intentions are good or not – we do not know. Perhaps, the reason that keeps us guessing are these decisions which scream cluelessness, lack of profit-oriented thinking, or god knows what else.

On the other hand…

Noite: Cointiply is not a cryptocurrency faucet. Cointiply is a digital marketing “third wheel party”. Cointiply pays its users a % of what it receives from, say, OfferToro, or Adscend Media, which, in turn, are paid a commission from a sale of your “brand awareness increase”, “demographics, “political views”, or “downloads”.

Digital marketing is what Cointiply is good at. The Miming Game is an excellent example of a move which succeeded at bringing a ton of new users to Offer Walls, – bridging the gap between a product and a consumer. However, the mechanics behind the game were a total fail, – somewhat patched by the introduction of the Gem system, yet dependent upon Cointiply using the short-term influx of finance wisely. What did Cointiply do next?..

Cointiplier: “Don’t withdraw!”
Premium Account: “Don’t withdraw!”
Various promises (withdrawals in different currencies): “Don’t withdraw!”
“Savings” scheme: “Don’t withdraw!”

Thing is, since the “faucet” positioned itself as a “cryptocurrency” service provider, it cannot exist in absolute informational isolation and some market stratosphere. Their target audience might care about such things as “Bitcoin market cap“, “transaction times” and (who could have thought!) maybe even have higher-than-average awareness of such weird concepts as “privacy concerns” and “mathematics“. Moreover, the target audience might be aware of the market’s volatility.


cointiply post on bitcoin forum

…perhaps, if the strategists behind Cointiply would spend years observing cryptocurrency market instead of watching the faucet “industry“, they would make better decisions. Or not. Who knows.

Why was the savings scheme introduced?

Because finally. Unfortunately, introducing it when the market is in the state it is in is no more than a joke.

Why is the annual interest rate 5%?

Because Freebitcoin‘s interest rate is 4.8%.

Annual Interest Rate of 4.08%

Is it worth considering? 


A better idea would be acting upon yet another promise:

Withdrawal options of Dash and ETH prompt

“Soon” = “when the sky falls down”.

5% interest popup

Introducing DASH and ETH withdrawals would cost Cointiply nothing and attract more customers. The faucet’s strongest selling point is the “earn fiat – withdraw crypto” system. Diversifying that system would attract new users. Which is, in theory, what Cointiply is interested in… unless users withdrawing the funds earned is something the administration strives to avoid.

Summary: Cointiply keeps overlooking the obvious inexpensive innovations which could result in insane profits. Cointiply moves a step closer to allowing direct deposits. Cointiply wants more funds, – why? Greed? Necessity to patch up the holes created by the Miming Game‘s mechanics? Or…

8. Withdrawals – is Cointiply still paying out as promised?..

Yes. A recemt Dogecoin withdrawal request was successful and relatively quick (1 day). So, as of now, Cointiply is a legitimate, generous faucet and is not a scam.

9. Other features…

Such as Browser Mining, Games...

…we consider a waste of time and are not reviewing.

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News: Free Bitcoin 5x (!) Reward Point Promotion; All Faucets’ Payouts Increased


0.00000072 btc won on freebitco faucet

FreeBitcoins weekly Reward Points promotion is on. We have reviewed FBC Reward Point system extensively; albeit, (spoiler) the grand finale (aka “how saving up Reward Points can let you quit your day job”) publication is reserved for DMYF‘s 2.0 website opening.

5x reward points promotion running on every claims on freebitco

As cryptocurrency market capitalisation shrinks, faucets’ generosity increases.

(hypothetical) Faucet’s admin’s’ train of thought: im order to retain traffic, rewarding users with a few more litoshi, satoshi, duffs etc. per claim while cryptocurrencies are cheaper to purchase is a must. 

(hypothetical) Pessimists’ (apocalyptic) train of thought: all is doomed! Cryptocurrency market is collapsing! It’s all been a waste of time! Screw this bubble! I’m transferring all my cryptos to LuckyGames, playing BlackJack till my last Satoshi! Wait… What if I win?..

(hypothetical) Optimist’s train of thought: “cheap crypto = best time to faucet. BonusBitcoin average claim is 32 Satoshi per 15 minutes, while some time ago it was as low as 14… What if… history will repeat itself?..”

Litecoin price on 16th November 2017
16th November 2017. Litecoin price: $64.75.
Lite coin's historical price chart on coinmarketcap
А вот 19-го декабря 2017-го года, Лайткоин оценивался в $366.15.

DMYF editorial train of thought… will be elaborated upon in a separate publication. Although to dissolve panic and elevate spirits…

PayPal‘s $400 million acquisition of Hyperwallet is complete, as announced on the 15th of November.  

How is that supposed to calm the nerves of crypto HODLers

Elementary. first Warren Buffett, then PayPal throw $1 billion in FinTech projects, e-currency and e-commerce. The so-called “financial revolution” proclaimed by investo-cryptoevangelists is primarily referencing decentralisation of financial transactions, opportunities presented by blockchain technology and transparency of open-ledger cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies belong to the same world, – thus, if investors are fearlessly investing in FinTech, the markets should not fear government regulation, – government being the only entity powerful enough to put a decisive end to means representing decentralised exchange of value, – be that Bitcoin or TrumpCoin

As long as the currencies in your portfolios have legitimate real-life uses, offer novel solutions and their value is determined by something more feasible than pump-and-dump scams, they will retain their respective, adequate market value.

Unfortunately, predicting said “adequate market value” is more difficult than looking at last year’s charts.