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Cointiply Mining Game – New Useful Calculators. CommonSense.exe or EpicFail.jpg, – The Choice is Yours!



1. Cointiply Profit Calculator

2. @revised Antminer building calculators

We will not waste time explaining how the calculators work.

They are straight-forward.

Intellectual rights belong to the creators. 

If you do not consider them straight forward, you definitely should consider viewing the Mining Game as a game; not as a shady, risky and dodgy “savings‘ scheme, ran by a faucet, not regulated by anyone or any thing, alas as of yet, paying out as promised. As of yet. 

As of yet. This means “for now”. 

Every user should take a breath and think: with the current investment, will I be able to feed the system with gems, yet managing to withdraw something? 

So far, the answer is “yes”. 

Gems have increased in value, – a rough Marketplace GpC rate is 10:1, whereas once upon a time it was close to 30. Gem mechanics aside, the pattern is: without Gems, the Mine is useless. The more expensive the Gems are, the less profit a user makes. 

However, even if the user is maintaining the Mining operations through Marketplace purchases, a large portion of “profits” remain such, unless they are reinvested (=haven’t received a single Mining Game-only payout? Keep reinvesting? Congratz, you are a Mining Game slave with 0% ROI).

Look at yourself in the mirror.

A very rough example: a Mine which generates $1 a day requires about 60k Gems for rebuilds. 60k Gems = $0.60 with GpC at 10.

Oh, yeah, – another $0.27 goes for Efficiency…

Profits” = $0.20 a day (incl. Bonus).

In practice, with occasional check-ins, roulette rolls, referrals, – the numbers are a bit higher.

What will happen when (NOT “IF”. “WHEN”.) Cointiply brings GpC below 8:1?..


Gem Mode ftw. Situational awareness ftw. Calculations ftw.

And, most important, – why not let the Game run for 118 days? Stock up on Gems, rebuild at given time intervals, get Gems cheap, HODL Gems when needed… and hope Cointiply‘s intentions are pure.

Downside: the “bonus” from Secondary Pool… will be discussed later.

Read DMYF’s occasional guides on “Work Less, Earn More“. Have similar tips? Share. Notice a good Offer? Share! 

DMYF are not angels.

We are banned from Mining Game chat for trolling and saying the truth (epic screenshots of the convo – future dessert!)

We “experiment”, – we are banned from Smores.tv. 

But we review the game and evaluate its honesty.

We are not known as committee givers of fucks.

We include referral links because, hey, if a user registers, – why not milk some more out of Cointiply? We publish guides, tips, reviews with maximum honesty. Unlike some fucktards out there (Mr. GuideDotCom), we will never lie to attract referrals when we see something is going down the drain.

Want to symbolically thank us? Want to make Cointiply open the purse for your fellow player, with no harm for your earnings? We would appreciate that. In return, we offer the “Earn More” opportunities, analytics, pre-warnings…


So far, Mining Gane profits can be made. Alas, be wise.

P. S. We have a series of articles on how to make $30 on Cointiply in one day. We are keeping those to ourselves. Some methods are 100% legit, yet elaborate and required work and risk on your side. We would ask for 100% consent. Worked for us like a charm, but…

We can share the info with our referrals for free. 
We can also share the info with general public, at a symbolic cost (we risk the methods getting leaked, – a $30-$40 anonymous, untraceable, free in BTC and DOGE in a day… too sweet.

We risk not even getting a “thank you“… just lies “ohh, didn’t work…

But that’s future.

For now…

Want some more truth?


Thought we have hundreds? Ha.

We have 5-10 active referrals this week, grossing 100 Coins… On a good day.

You can make money on your own.


    Just stay with us. We are on your side.Kind regards,

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Cointiply: Earn More, Work Less; How Profitable Is TapResearch OfferWall?

Previously, we reported that TapResearch is going mad. In a good way. Cointiply’s OfferWall is getting more and more generous.

First thing that comes to mind is that Christmas is around the corner and since vast majority of Surveys are about shopping patterns… In any case, let’s glance at the OfferWall an ask ourselves – how profitable is TapResearch and is it worth the effort?

Before we proceed, some basics:

Unfortunately, if you ask yourself “why don’t I see the Survey earning opportunities“, remember: TapResearch is open for residents of following countries: US, CA, GB, BR, FR, DE, AU, CN, IT, ES, RU, JP, IN, MX, SE, DK, NO, FI, HK, SG, NL, KR.

  • 10000 Cointiply Coins = $1
  • Minimum Cointiply earnings withdrawal – $3,50 (BTC)
  • Red or Blue survey color – makes little difference
  • Approximate completion time means little; 20 minute Surveys can be completed in 5 minutes… or vice-versa.
  • TapResearch rewards are credited immediately.
  • (most important) Even if, for some reason, a user does not qualify for the survey, or fails to complete it half-way… TapResearch still pays out for trying!

Now, below is a screenshot taken randomly,

Tapresearch works

Should a user complete every survey, the earnings would sum up to $20.29.| Not bad for a couple of hours of work…Considering that, with experience, one learns that no survey ever takes “20 minutes“. Realistically, it is impossible to qualify for every single survey… But it is possible to try completing every single one! Rewards for “trying” correlate with potential completion earnings, thus a user will earn something from each attempt. Finally, – there is literally no end to surveys (at least, not in our experience). If a user spends an hour on the OfferWall, rewards do diminish, however, after a short break go back to normal.

READ MORE: Earn More, Work Less: Tap Research Tips & Guide
*Disclaimer: OfferWalls are dangerous, risky, can cause harm to devices, undermine security and infringe privacy, as well as cause financial problems. All information stated above is for education/entertainment purposes and is written with an intention of  harm reduction, rather than advertisement or promotion. 

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5 Biggest Cryptocurrency Scams

Cointelegraph published an article detailing five notable cryptocurrency scams.

cryptocurrency scams onecoin bitconnect plexcoin centratech pincoin

Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/unpacking-the-5-biggest-cryptocurrency-scams

“The crypto community needs to promote financial education and ethical investment practices, otherwise governments will over-regulate and stifle real innovation. The most effective way to protect investors is through education. Investors need to learn how to evaluate investment opportunities, quickly spot scams, and know how to manage risk.”

The crypto market has immense potential, but is still immature; should its reputation continue to be tarnished by shady companies and schemes, governments will not have a choice but impose regulations at a stage when over-regulation can be lethal to the market as a whole. The sooner the market learns to self-regulate, the better; hence, pointing out scams is one of the objectives of this blog. We do not give investment advice, however we do encourage the readers to use common sense and critical thinking.

When looking at an ICO…

  • Read the Whitepaper. Is it up to industry standards?
  • Have a look at the Roadmap. Has it been followed up until now?
  • Have a look at the Team. Is it composed of Tech guys, or Salespeople?
  • Is the project unique?
  • Are there valuable partnerships? Are the partnerships real?
  • How approachable is the team?
  • Is the strategy clear and concise?
  • Are the objectives attainable and realistic?

If you have already invested in coins/tokens/ICOs…

  • Have a look at your portfolio. Critically examine the progress of every item.
  • Has the company made any progress since your first look?
  • Does the project show real signs of life, or is starting to seem abandoned? (beware, – after recent price falls, many companies are thinking of exit strategies)
  • Is the team expanding or contracting?
  • How has the market reacted to any news regarding the project?


P .S. DO NOT FALL PREY TO FOMO. Many “investors” felt FOMO when looking at Bitcoin price in December.


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Did you know that…

…you can disable earning Lottery Tickets per roll and Interest on earnings in favour of extra Reward Points on Freebitcoin?

All you have to do is navigate to Profile => Disable Lottery & Interest. There you can choose to replace Lottery Tickets you earn per roll by Reward Points at a 1:1 ratio.

Free Bitcoin Lottery Reward Points Free Satoshi Every Hour

Reward Points can actually be redeemed towards increasing how many Lottery Tickets you earn per roll amongst other things.

You start earning 4.08% annual compound interest on your earnings only after your balance reaches 0.0003 BTC (30,000 satoshi). In order to benefit from the savings program you can deposit some extra satoshi from an external wallet and watch your balance grow passively. If one does not have any immediate plans for their satoshi… …one should at the very least consider that Freebitcoin has been online since 2013 while coinpot.co has been online sine 2017.

Register at FreeBitco.in

No information featured on this website should be regarded as financial advice. 


Optimising your faucet activity

…is easily done with this simple trick:

Q: I keep forgetting to visit a faucet, or miss one…

A: This problem is solved very easily through your browser, or browser’s extensions. As an example, let’s take Safari, – all you have to do is to bookmark the faucets in one folder and…

Click one button: all faucets load at once in a second!

Read more in the Helpful Tips section

Read more about Moon faucets