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MoonBitcoin Bitcoin Faucet – the Basics of 500% Multiplier.

It seems that the 500% Satoshi Claim Multiplier of MoonBitcoin is more achievable than a 300% Claim Multiplier of MoonDoge, MoonLitecoin or MoonBitconCash, as the 90%+ Mystery Bonus is encountered much more frequently on average, per 5-minute faucet claim, while four remaining Multipliers can be kept stable.

Moonbitcoin faucet showing the 98% Mystery Bonus
*excluded: loyalty bonus (login once a day for 100 days = 100% multiplier. *excluded: referral bonus: each referral +1%
  • Offer Bonus can be pumped up to 100% relatively easily… if you are responsible enough to know how to work with OfferWalls* – visit MoonBitCoin’s OfferWall page – complete Offers (earning Satoshi) = …. +%%%.
  • Referral Bonus  – each referral +1%.
  • Daily Loyalty Bonus – login, make a claim once a day for 100 days = 100% bonus.
  • Mining Bonus… = we, personally, do not trust “browser mining” and thus cannot possibly recommend that feature.

*OfferWalls can be risky; use reasonable caution. Though at least two OfferWalls are identical to those of Cointiply; though paying with Satoshi.

**MoonBitcoin faucet claim grants a visitor the same 3 Coinpot Tokens as do action on the rest of Coinpot-partnering faucets. 100 Coinpot Tokens are roughly worth $0.01.

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FreeBitcoin – Two Boosts, One Roll (+promo reminder); Free Bitcoin Without CAPTCHA!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

As always, FreeBitcoin is running a promo (4x reward points (RP) promotion currently running and ends in 44:01:18 (8 RP/free roll, 4 RP/referral free roll, 4 RP/multiply roll).

We’ve decided to test whether it is possible to buy two boosts for the Points at once…

free bitcoin roll of 09649 and receiving a win of 0.00000116 btc


This opens some room for manoeuvre.

Oh, yeah, FBC completely got rid of Captcha. 
Captcha has ceased to be.
Captcha has expired and gone to meet its maker.

No Captcha in freebitco
No Captcha in sight! Goodbye, FIRE HYDRANTS!!!!


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News: Free Bitcoin 5x (!) Reward Point Promotion; All Faucets’ Payouts Increased


0.00000072 btc won on freebitco faucet

FreeBitcoins weekly Reward Points promotion is on. We have reviewed FBC Reward Point system extensively; albeit, (spoiler) the grand finale (aka “how saving up Reward Points can let you quit your day job”) publication is reserved for DMYF‘s 2.0 website opening.

5x reward points promotion running on every claims on freebitco

As cryptocurrency market capitalisation shrinks, faucets’ generosity increases.

(hypothetical) Faucet’s admin’s’ train of thought: im order to retain traffic, rewarding users with a few more litoshi, satoshi, duffs etc. per claim while cryptocurrencies are cheaper to purchase is a must. 

(hypothetical) Pessimists’ (apocalyptic) train of thought: all is doomed! Cryptocurrency market is collapsing! It’s all been a waste of time! Screw this bubble! I’m transferring all my cryptos to LuckyGames, playing BlackJack till my last Satoshi! Wait… What if I win?..

(hypothetical) Optimist’s train of thought: “cheap crypto = best time to faucet. BonusBitcoin average claim is 32 Satoshi per 15 minutes, while some time ago it was as low as 14… What if… history will repeat itself?..”

Litecoin price on 16th November 2017
16th November 2017. Litecoin price: $64.75.
Lite coin's historical price chart on coinmarketcap
А вот 19-го декабря 2017-го года, Лайткоин оценивался в $366.15.

DMYF editorial train of thought… will be elaborated upon in a separate publication. Although to dissolve panic and elevate spirits…

PayPal‘s $400 million acquisition of Hyperwallet is complete, as announced on the 15th of November.  

How is that supposed to calm the nerves of crypto HODLers

Elementary. first Warren Buffett, then PayPal throw $1 billion in FinTech projects, e-currency and e-commerce. The so-called “financial revolution” proclaimed by investo-cryptoevangelists is primarily referencing decentralisation of financial transactions, opportunities presented by blockchain technology and transparency of open-ledger cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies belong to the same world, – thus, if investors are fearlessly investing in FinTech, the markets should not fear government regulation, – government being the only entity powerful enough to put a decisive end to means representing decentralised exchange of value, – be that Bitcoin or TrumpCoin

As long as the currencies in your portfolios have legitimate real-life uses, offer novel solutions and their value is determined by something more feasible than pump-and-dump scams, they will retain their respective, adequate market value.

Unfortunately, predicting said “adequate market value” is more difficult than looking at last year’s charts. 

Faucets, Guide Reward Points = Reward Point Guide, Final Thoughts (Part 1).

reward points

As the current promotion runs, we are publishing our thoughts on a hypothetical  strategy on how to make the best of the Reward Point system offered by Freebitcoin:

(disclaimer: as we have not yet tested every factor, the figures below should be regarded as hypothetical. Since increasing the minimum roulette roll winnings requires investment, we remind our readers that we are not advising anyone to try the strategy, invest and take risks; all information published is for entertainment purposes only)

* Unlike Lottery Tickets, Reward Points are a guaranteed bonus offered per roll and it is easy to pre-calculate the accumulation rate of Reward Points, opening doors to the formation of a strategy.
* Besides physical goods, you can purchase multipliers with your Reward Points. Namely, for 1200 Reward Points you can purchase a boost which adds 100 Reward Points per roll for 24 hours. That is an extra 2300 Reward Points a day, potentially.
* So far, we have not found any information to dispute the possibility of purchasing the same bonus daily. Which means, if no roll (minus one) is missed every 24 hours and the boost is bought for 1200 Points, you can still have extra 1100 Reward Points left.
* A maximum, 1000% Multiplier for Free Bitcoin roll costs 3200 Reward Points. In other words, with the Reward Point boost, you can purchase a 1000% Free Bitcoin Multiplier every three days.
* The multiplier applies only to the minimum roulette roll. but the minimum roulette roll is easily increased permanently At the moment, the site-wide minimum roulette roll equals to… However, a user’s individual Minimum Roll equals to whatever a user has boosted it to using the Multiply Bitcoin method (paying Multiply Bitcoin or purchasing Lottery Tickets increases the Minimum Roll figure). It seems that the Multiplier views every individual minimum roulette roll as a base.

As an example, we purchased the 50% Multiplier Bonus for 160 Reward Points

..and our Minimum Roll figure was multiplied by 50%.

So, if we would have purchased the 29*1000*23=667000 satoshi a day (with a maximum of every three days). Currently, that converts to circa $43.92 (all calculations should be adjusted to the day’s prices). Here, every satoshi makes a difference; hence, (spoiler) multiplying the minimum roulette roll is a guide we are working on.

Note: the strategy outlined above has not yet been tested by us; it is a mere estimation and rough calculation of raw data. Nevertheless, so far we have not come across anything to dispute its efficiency. Moreover, the prices at the Reward Point store can only be explained by the existence of a similar strategy.

Factors to keep in mind:

– Naturally, making 23 rolls every 24 hours is not easy, but not impossible. We will let your imagination create a way to deal with that, however we will mention that if created sloppily, “shared” accounts are easily detectable.
The figures are based on an assumption that the Bonus applies to an individual’s minimum roulette roll; not the site-wide minimum. The Minimum Roulette Roll is multiplies by purchasing Lottery Tickets (immediately and at a flat rate), or playing Multiply Bitcoin (subject to a separate review we are working on).
Multiply Bitcoin should only be played during the Reward Point promotion, as the Reward Points granted per 500 Satoshi wagered is multiplied by 2x-5x. be continued.

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DMYF: Our Dogecoin and Bitcoin Giveaways – Upd.

DOGECOIN Giveaway Update:

We’re happy to announce that:


In total,


(beta) BITCOIN (well, tbh, Satoshi) Giveaway Update:

Bitcoin Giveaway is much “younger” (this is only the second “round”). There are less participants, however we managed to share a few more Satoshi, bringing the shared amount to a…



Anyone can join and get some free Dogecoin and Satoshi! All one needs to do is to register account(s) on and using our referral links.

The more participants there are, the more we will be able to share!

The system is as simple as it gets, – we give back 100% of our referral income. Not more (the system does not allow us to share our own income):


but not less. Participating in the giveaway, you will get bonus coins in your Freebitcoin and Freedogecoin “wallets” out of thin air.

We are sharing the maximum we can; as often as we can. We would love to share more. And we shall! The number of active participants is growing; slowly, but steadily.

We do not profit from the Giveaway, we do not even advertise it externally to attract visitors. We do it because we can and because it fits our mission statement.

(a slight correction: we do get 1 Lottery Ticket and 1 Reward Point for every roll our referrals make on FBC. In practice, – compared to monsters professional lottery players such as these:

freee bitcoin lottery
Hm, do you think the winner just got lucky?

Lottery Tickets are a waste of letters on screen; Reward Points are of some use, but the amount generated is hardly worth the Satoshi given away, plus even the time writing about the whole Giveaway hassle… While our FDC is pure charity, as there are no other rewards one gets from having a referral, apart from the %of a referral’s roll… – and no, that % is not deducted from your earnings, so not being someone’s referral is pure misanthropic, egotistic and psychopathic stinginess, – why let the Faucet keep the coins which could have helped someone out?)

P. S. “We have a dream…”

(*spoiler*) Once we reach our Stage 1 goals, we promise and guarantee many more pleasant surprises. We aim to give away 100% of income from every faucet we are on. Only FBC and FDC allow us to do it directly, so, when it comes to Cointiply and the Moon Faucets we will have to develop some form of a bounty/freebie/bonus system… For now, if you want some more free cryptocurrency, we can afford to give some away in exchange for (very simple) help with our project. Read more:  Our News: DMYF is Hiring Freelancers!

We thank all participants, hope to welcome new users and one day see the Doge figures in hundreds of thousands and BTC figures in …less decimals!

All the best,

Chief Editor, DMYF


DMYF, Faucets, Giveaway Giveaway – Free Satoshi From Us to You

Those that joined our Bitcoin giveaway were probably wondering, why they have not yet received any freebies. The answer is simple, – we were waiting for more to join in and publish a detailed guide.

The nature of the giveaway will be explained in detail in near future, however, since we felt it is unfair to keep those, who already joined, waiting…

free satoshi right away
Plain and Simple.

Could be more, could be less, but the amount of free satoshi will only grow!

Stay tuned!

Thank you for joining!

For those, who have not yet joined the giveaway, we recommend doing so. It’s simple, – register an account on using our referral link. It takes seconds and costs you nothing.

READ MORE: TRIPLE (3x) Reward Points Promo: 37 Hours Left. Edition Includes a Complimentary “How to Register an Account on” Guide and a Reward Points How-To

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Free Dogecoin from Us to You.